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Unleashing the human spirit through products, courses, and events.

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We Declare the 2020s a Decade to Honor the Human Spirit!

We offer a growing network of products, courses and memberships to elevate the human spirit and support the cause for humanity.

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Courses to change the course of humanity.

The Finish Line Course

The Finish Line Course


The Roles Workshop

The Roles Workshop


Shifting Frequencies

Shifting Frequencies


The Caregivers Renewal Course

The Caregivers Renewal Course



Donate directly and join the cause for humanity.

Human Spirit Institute (Donate)

Human Spirit Institute (Donate)


I am Humanity (Donate)

I am Humanity (Donate)


Our Team

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Patricia Gershanik


The Human Spirit Institute is a go-place for me, for personal growth and for building a community whose mission is the betterment of all. The workshops are fun, powerful, and have helped me to grow. I know that Susan hand picks each product she endorses. 

Kimberly Keese

National Sales

Trust is important. I love what the Human Spirit Institute offers. High quality, effective experiences. Each workshop is led by experienced trainers. You can count on a transformative event. I highly recommend anything they offer. 

Robert Williams


The Human Spirit Institute aspires to elevate the spiritual vibrations of the planet. I have found all their events and workshops inspiring. Susan picks quality trainers and supports them to expand their reach because of their ultimate commitment to the flourishing of humanity.  

Micheal Nephew

Playwright, Author, Actor

I support HUMANITY. The idea of shifting societal concept of the flourishing of nations to the flourishing of humanity is long overdue. Our global conscience is ready to change from individual success to the success of humanity. I think you should join us in the creation of Humanity Day. Let's celebrate humanity!

Ramsey Mourad

Course Creator / Instructor

Susan has an infectious enthusiasm for the vision, people and products she believes in. The Human Spirit Institute is a reflection of that enthusiam, and of her deep desire to uplift and connect others to the potential she sees in them and the world around her. Cheers to the Human Spirit!