History of Human Spirit Institute

Early Life

I was born in Thailand, grew up in Africa; my parents were in the State Department and then the United Nations. I have been all over the world in many of the poorest nations. I always knew that I wanted to help people. In my early twenties I took the Landmark Forum, a three day course in personal growth and development. It changed my life because I discovered in one weekend what I wanted to dedicate my life to ending poverty and elevating people. The first part of my life was dedicated to impacting poverty, developing my leadership, my business acumen, business coaching and transformative course design, development and delivery.

Current Life

I am now turning my attention to elevating people on a broader perspective. I realized that one person at a time was insufficient to the needs at hand. It seems that the world needs a global paradigm shift. Our economic model is built on the flourishing of nations, not the flourishing of humanity. Our current structure, value model, and personal relationships are insufficient to address the issues our societies are facing now. We are entering into a new era where we need to have a more powerful relationship to our true nature and self so that we can more powerfully contribute to humanity as a whole. It is a time to truly honor ourselves and others. That the power of our connection is the currency of our time. That we experience self-respect, self-actualization and full self expression. This is when I realized that I wanted to Unleash the Human Spirit!


Human Spirit Institute came out of my desire for UNLEASHING THE HUMAN SPIRIT. I have a belief that if we come from a deep desire to contribute through acts of human spirit - we can heal the world. To make it practical, I am taking my business, coaching and training experience and combining it with my desire to shift global conversations for the empowerment of humanity. That means identifying and promoting talent and partnering with like minded organizations.

Human Spirit Institute

is focused on identifying and promoting talent that unleashes the human spirit. This takes the form of workshops, courses, events and products to unleash and honor the human spirit. The end goal being collective self-actualization. We also partner with organizations that promote shifting global conversations.

Susan Hoskins