I am Humanity (Donate)

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I am Humanity (Donate)

I am Humanity (Donate)

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A clearing house and catalyst for the flourishing of humanity and our common home.


Opening a new perspective, a new episteme, an evolution from “who I am” as individual to “who I am” as an aspect of all humanity, including future generations.


People recognize and declare “I AM HUMANITY,” and in doing so, they experience belonging, and take actions consistent with that new global context that calls forth the flourishing of humanity.


  • We will reach 4 billion people.
  • We will provide branding, and green treatment, that promotes and nourishes the flourishing of humanity.
  • We will spotlight organizations, non-profits, volunteers, celebrities, foundations, and youth who are engaged in programs, activities, and events that are expanding the flourishing of humanity.
  • We will provide speaking engagements that share and educate about the flourishing of humanity, and what is available when you declare “I AM HUMANITY”.

We will have ambassadors and representation in every state, in every country, who highlight local groups and events, such that those groups are aligned under the umbrella of I AM HUMANITY.


I AM HUMANITY - is urgently working to raise a global awareness to shift the societal focus of “me” to a societal focus on “we”.  From the focus of the flourishing of nations to the flourishing of humanity.  We are entering into a new era where the focus will be on the flourishing of humanity and future generations. Your contributions will support that very important work of defining and designing the norms and measures to put the flourishing of humanity in the center of all global interactions.